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Trampling World

Initial Review: 2007-07-11

Last Update: 2007-08-10

TramplingWorld features dominatrices who step on and trample on submissive men in either their bare foot or in nylons or while wearing either high-heeled stilettos or boots.


  • Quantity
    12.0 / 15
  • Quality
    12.0 / 15
  • Update Freq.
    5.0 / 10
  • Exclusivity
    10.0 / 10
  • Entertainment
    8.0 / 10
  • Downloadability
    5.0 / 5
  • Extras
    3.0 / 5

Cost / Markup

  • Value/Money
    14.5 / 20
  • Markup
    0.0 / 5


  • Navigation
    2.5 / 5
  • Design
    2.5 / 5

Final Score


Out of 100
  1. The English Mansion - 81.5

  2. Men In Pain - 81.5

  3. FemDom Loft - 76.5

  4. In Fem Dom - 75.5

  5. Women Who Punish - 75

  6. Captive Male - 75

  7. Fem Dom Time - 74.5

  8. Trampling World - 74.5

  9. Femdom Violations - 71

  10. Femdom VIP - 71

  11. Femdom Bride - 70.5

  12. Cruel Women Rules - 70

  13. Chicks Peg Guys - 69

  14. She Sado Me - 69

  15. Revenge is a Bitch - 68

  16. Divine Bitches - 67.5

  17. Femdom Streams - 66.5

  18. Men Fucked by Girls - 65

  19. Miss Krista - 64.5

  20. Fem Dominas - 59.5

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  • Trampling World is an exclusive site.
  • Bonus sites are included in the membership (25 sites in total, incl. same niche).
  • Overall movie quality is good.
  • Most of the models are Russian / European - lots of fresh faces.
  • Content amount available is good.
  • Some trampling stories are available.


  • Site does not seem to update anymore (but there's possibility they'll update again soon).
  • There are some ads in the members area.
  • Size of pictures could be bigger.
  • Models aren't as hot as you'd want them to be.
  • Sets had been divided into several clips (each clip lasting 15 minutes).
  • No zip files for the photo sets.
  • Only the more recent updates are available in 1200KB and 512KB downloads.

Bottom Line

  • Trampling World is definitely one of the better trampling sites out there. So even though the members area ain't very pretty it hosts a decent size of exclusive movies provided in a decent quality. What I also liked a lot were the many fetish-related bonus sites that come with the membership. I am sure there is more content for you to enjoy. I'd recommend taking a look.

The Facts



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Details: TramplingWorld is no longer updating.

Join Options:

Credit Card, Check, 900 Number, Postal Mail


$29.95 (1 Month, Recurring)
$59.95 (3-Months, Recurring)
$99.95 (6-Months, Non-Recurring)
$34.95 (1 Month (900 #), Non-Recurring)


No DRM license restrictions.


61 photo sets (avg. 120 pictures)
Hi-Res: N | Different Sizes: N | ZIP Files: N | Slideshow: Y
Image Resolutions: 600x800 (Standard)


135 video sets (avg. 15 minutes)
Downloadable: Y | Streams: Y | One-File Downloads: Y | Multi-Bandwidth: N | Vid Caps: N
Average movie size: 153 MB (1-File WMV)

Video Format(s):

WMV High: 640x480, 1.39 Mbps
WMV Med: 320x240, 503 kbps
WMV Low: 320x240, 259 kbps

More Content Details:

Download Limit: No download limit
Download Speed: 210 KB/s (reviewers max: 240 KB/s / 1990 kbps)
Content Exclusivity: Claims to be 100% exclusive
Third Party / Bonus Content: Games
Live Webcams: None
Model Index: No

5 out of 25 available features shown.


Special information:

Allows only one connection at a time (e.g. you can't download two movies simultaneously).

Video Review is N/AMembers Area Screenshots N/A Launch the Gallery Console

with your membership:

This Trampling World review is a LIGHT REVIEW based on the facts / status when written / updated on 2007-07-11:

The Site:
TramplingWorld brings you men who like their women walking all over them – literally. This femdom site brings you women who like stepping on and walking all over their subservient men in their bare feet or while they're wearing nylon stockings or even high-heeled stilettos.

The Content:
TramplingWorld is another unique fetish site from fetish porn megasite, FetishPack. And much like one of its offerings, BeneathHer, which showcases the smothering fetish, TramplingWorld displays another fetish that's rarely touched on by other femdom sites – and that's the trampling fetish where the girls get to literally walk over their submissive men.
As with all the other sites from FetishPack, the focus is entirely on the theme so in the case of Trampling World, that means you'll definitely find the trampling fetish being displayed here quite a lot leaving the nudity bit a very minor afterthought. And since most of the action focuses on the trampling bit, a lot of the camera work also focuses on the girl's feet, no matter if it's bare or if the girl's wearing nylons or even stilettos so foot fetish fanatics can also get their kicks here. But the action in TramplingWorld doesn't just stop with the walking because you'll also find the girls here even jumping up and down on the men's back like they were trampolines, as well as some girls stomping their foot hard or grinding their heels or even crushing a guy's penis. There's also some smothering action to be witnessed here so trampling and smothering fetish fans can get the best of both worlds.
Currently, Trampling World has 135 video sets and 61 photo sets with the earliest set dated May 2003. The photos are displayed at 800x600 resolution while the videos are available with a lot of options to choose from..
First off, depending on the video, they can be had as either one-file videos or as split video clips and can either be streamed or downloaded in .WMV format. If you prefer to stream the videos, depending on which, they're available as either dial-up (320x240, 44 Kbps), low-speed (320x240, 259 Kbps), or mid-speed (320x240, 503 Kbps) quality videos, but if you'd prefer to download them, aside from the aforementioned video qualities, there's also the high-speed (640x480, 1.39 Mbps) quality video option. It has to be noted, though, that TramplingWorld only allows one active connection at any time, so that means you're limited to downloading the videos one at a time and not 2 simultaneously.
As a bonus, Trampling World members also get access to a lot of bonus network sites from porn megasite, FetishPack, and that's 25 sites to be exact, with each one catering to its own fetish niche, like Beneath Her's smothering fetish and PantyhoseDolls' pantyhose-clad divas to name a few. Also available are erotic stories that touch on the trampling fetish, and an area where you can request Trampling World to shoot a scenario of your own writing as well as a third-party DVD video feed that caters to different fetishes.

The Criticism:
The content hasn't been updated recently with the last update for the photo sets already 2 weeks old and for the video, the last updated was almost 3 months ago! So definitely, more updates are a must here.
Some of the videos are in Russian so the language barrier might be a turn-off for some. And one-file video options for the split video clips would be nice to have if you'd like to see the action uninterrupted. The one active connection limit is also a hassle if you'd like to download more than one video at a time if you're pressed for time.
The photos could use some boost in size and resolution, as well as having the one-file ZIP download an available option.
Although the Russian/European women in here pretty much guarantees a lot of new and fresh faces, most of the model's aren't too hot, really but then again, it could all be a matter of an individual's taste so what might not work for me might work for you.

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Review Log:

2007-08-09: Trampling World review now online.
2007-07-19: Quick Facts added, Sample Trampling World galleries added.
2007-07-11: added to database.
  1. Foot Divas - 77

  2. FemDom Loft - 76.5

  3. Women Who Punish - 75

  4. Strapon Slaves - 74

  5. Beneath Her - 73

  6. Trannie Videos - 72.5

  7. High Heel Divas - 72.5

  8. Pantyhose Femdom - 70.5

  9. Lingerie BBW - 70.5

  10. Pantyhose Dolls - 70.5

  11. Nylon Divas - 69.5

  12. Tightly Tied - 69.5

  13. Older Divas - 69.5

  14. Nylon Femdom - 68.5

  15. Leather N Latex - 67.5

  16. Brutal CBT - 67.5

  17. Dominant TVS - 67.5

  18. Smoking Divas - 67

  19. Femdom Streams - 66.5

  20. Foot Fetish TVS - 66.5

  21. Wrestling Fetish - 64.5

  22. Amateur TVS - 62.5

  23. Lesbian Dommes - 62

  24. Trannie Club - N/A

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