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Initial Review: 2007-05-05

Last Update: 2007-05-30

CaseyParker is a gorgeous blond girl from the midwest. She likes going crazy and her website is proof for that. Her content contain lots of private and fun scenes (all with nudity) but also include boy and girl hardcore porn.


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    11.0 / 15
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    8.5 / 10
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    10.0 / 10
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    8.5 / 10
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  • Casey is a simply gorgeous blonde with a great body (and the contents of her site is exclusive).
  • Site updates every 3 days (next 3sc sets shown inside).
  • The content of the site is categorized (boy fun, girl fun and just me - that goes for both the photo and video sets).
  • Her diary is updated every 2-4 days (entries are quite long, no one-liners or stuff like that).
  • Top photo and video sets are displayed (those with the highest ratings).
  • 2 bonus sites are included (ShanesWorld and CollegeInvasion).
  • Her diary is updated every 2-4 days (entries are quite long, no one-liners or stuff like that).
  • You can hit up Casey on AIM if she is online.
  • Live cam shows are in the works but not ready yet.


  • Having a clear updates page would be good.
  • The photo quality could be better (high resolution would be nice).
  • There are no zip files for the photo sets.
  • Site is still rather young and therefore still not very big.

Bottom Line

  • I am a little biased here because I think that Casey Parker is one hell of a hot chick. Her content is highly entertaining and very fun to watch. I also kind of like the "just me" stuff that is more personal... I am usually a fan of hardcore so normally I would have bitched about not enough HC sets being present. Somehow you do not miss those in here, simply because overall the content is so fun. I hope this one keeps growing bigger and bigger. This one is very recommended. Thumbs up from me.

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Amateur, 18-23, Blondes, Hardcore


Details: Updates every 3 days.

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42 photo sets (avg. 220 pictures)
Hi-Res: N | Different Sizes: N | ZIP Files: N |
Other Comments: In detail: boy fun: 5, girl fun: 9, just me: 28

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As of today, 2018-06-24, there should be 856 photo sets available

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31 video sets (avg. 15-25 minutes)
Downloadable: Y | Streams: Y | | Multi-Bandwidth: N | Vid Caps: N
Other Comments: In detail: boy fun: 6, girl fun: 12, just me: 13

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As of today, 2018-06-24, there should be 573 video sets available

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WMV: 640x480, 1.11 Mbps

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This Casey Parker review is based on the facts / status when written / updated on 2007-05-06:

The Site:
Casey Parker is an attractive, blonde girl from the Midwest with a tight body who recently moved to California and loves to have a 'good time'. And what a good time she has as she does some crazy and exciting stuff like surfing, skating, taking part in extreme sports, and having sex with California boys.

The Content:
Navigating CaseyParker is easy since the all the latest updates (and the dates they were added) are on the front page and classified into sections, like if you'd like to see Casey Parker alone, with a guy, or with another girl. And they're aptly named as such, like 'Just Me', 'Fun with Boys', and 'Fun with Girls'. Simple and straightforward. The photo and video contents are also classified the same way which makes for a very easy surfing experience. No more having to go through pages and pages of stuff to get what you're looking for.
The actual content between the videos and pictures varies, which means that not every video clip has a corresponding picture series and vice versa which makes for a different surfing experience. But that's not a bad thing since updates do come often every 3 days. The most highly-rated (by members) photo and video sets are also listed on the front page.
There are 31 video sets and the movies can either be viewed as a stream or dowloaded in .WMV format. It's also your choice on how you'd like to get the movies, either as a one-file stream or download on both broadband (640x480, 1.11 Mbps) and lowband (320x240, 608 kbps) speed, or as split video clips in 3 to 6 parts on broadband. The split video download option, however, is not available on Casey's solo updates. It's also worth noting that the file sizes are indicated on the page, which can be a very useful piece of information.
42 photo sets (683x1024 or 768x1024 depending on the scene) are available and can be previewed at 25 pictures per page and, again depending on the scene, from 2 to 22 pages.
What's particularly interesting about CaseyParker, however, are the available extras, especially how Casey interacts with her members. A live video chat is in the pipeline and should be up and running soon. In lieu of that, you could catch her chatting on AIM from time to time. She also has monthly contests for her members and an online diary that gets updated every 2 to 4 days. And these are lengthy entries, not single sentence entries that just say hello and stuff. Casey also accepts emails from her members which adds a personal touch to your membership experience.
And as another bonus, a couple of sites are included when you sign up with Casey Parker; Shane's World and College Invasion whose reviews are linked on the table right next to this text.

The Criticism:
The content count is really not that big, but then again, the site is still quite new. So hopefully, the number will increase fast in the near future.
The photo sets aren't also top-notch. Higher resolution photos would've been a better choice for a site this new. In addition, having the photos available as Zip downloads would've also been a nice touch.

The Conclusion:
With the kind of content offered and if you really dig her look, it's kind of HARD NOT to recommend CaseyParker. Though the content is still limited, it is very entertaining and fun, particularly the Just Me section. And with the site's promise of frequent updates and Casey's personal touch and interaction with her members, there's really nothing to feel bad about signing up, even at this early stage.
The 30-day pass at $28.96 can be good for starters but the $69.94 90-day pass is a better alternative since you practically get the third month for free. Again, it all boils down to just how much you like Casey and how long you feel you will want to stick around.

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  1. Shane's World - 81

  2. College Invasion - 72.5

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